Bordon Bird Box

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Bordon Bird Box - Blue Tit Nest Cam 2017

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25th May



23rd May




22nd |May



18th May


12th May

A few pictures of the adult Blue Tits bringing in Caterpillars, taken over this last week.

..and the chicks just a few days old

12th May

11th May

5th May

Chick, Chicks, Chicks we have chicks #digitalwildlife #BordonBBox the first two or maybe three have hatched and both parents have started bringing caterpillars. The female is still sat most of the time keeping the chicks warm. The male comes and calls outside the box and out she pops to retrieve the caterpillars.

27th April



26th April

25th April

Six eggs at least and she is incubating them much off the time, the male comes periodically and calls to here outside when he has brought here a fresh Caterpillar, then she hops out for a snack. #BordonBBox


18th April


17th April

3 Eggs and counting..


16th April

Eggs!! She has been in the box a far bit today and at least two eggs visible.


13th April

12th April

Bringing nesting material to the box